We exist to live.

Beginnings are usually scary, ending are usually sad. But its all in between that makes it worth living.


I am in college now and enjoying things.

When our two bodies come together we ignite fire.

¬†Ok…keep quiet theres something i gotta announce…but i’ll get in trouble with my lawyer…so theres was this incident at my friends house and…

You know what?!

Lol its been awhile since i blogged. And i don’t really like doing it XD.

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Tell me something you wish you could say to my face.

Famous Short Story (re-write).

"On an isolated road around midnight, in upstate NY, a man and his girlfriend are driving. Suddenly a car approaches them from behind. "Pull over!" he says. The man shrugs and turns on a dirt road. He gets out of the car and talks to the man. "What is it, babe?" the girlfriend asks the boyfriend as she looks in the front mirror, but she gets no answer. She shrugged and started flipping through the radio stations but the signals were cloudy. Then she heard a loud squealing crash "Babe?" she said hesitantly. She ran out of the car and saw her boyfriend’s head bouncing back and forth on the radio antennae, blood splatted on the dry dirt that soaked it up. The back lights were smashed in. Screaming, she goes to get her cell phone out of the car. As soon as she opens the car door she hears, "No use… No one will answer you."

Last post of the decade.

As the year comes to an end i want to post some of my favorite songs i heard this year. Take a listen:

1. Te amo by Rihanna.

2. Love the way you lie by Eminem and Rihanna.

3. Who owns my heart by Miley cyrus.

4. All the Right Moves by OneRepublic.

5. Born Free by Kid Rock.

^i’m addicted and i play them so much i have to re-download the song every week.

Ok so…

Happy New year!